Field of Application

Zinc Flask Coating Properties

Zn Al Flake Coating Technology

Zinc Al Flake coatings were made by a combination of Zinc and Aluminium flakes, electrically conductive Binder system with integrated lubricants for adjusting the coefficient of friction. The coating is conductive which helps to protect catholicly and Aluminium flake helps to reduce of white oxidation build-up. The Zinc Flake coatings are Non-Electrolytic ally applied (as per ISO10683/ASTM F1136) by mechanical application techniques with a combination of Organic or Inorganic top coat sealers. The coating could be an alternative to zinc and another electroplating in terms of properties and pollution-related aspects.

Zinc Al Flake coating offers high-performance corrosion protection for bulky metal components. It is applied using a so-called dip-spinning process. The layer is made up of a base coat and top coat. The base coat is made up of zinc and Aluminium flakes; the zinc gives cathode corrosion protection. What is more, the zinc and Aluminium flakes produced in the dry film form a barrier to reduce the impact of corrosive media including oxygen, electrolytes, etc. thereby enhancing the life of the complete protective system.